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What is Transformative Wellness?

Wellness is the cultivation of wellbeing; a sense that you are vibrant, happy, and in touch with who you are and why you are here. Life is experienced as a flow and when challenging moments arise, you have a sense of resourced ease that enables you to face your troubles and respond to life in creative ways. When you have a sense of wellness, you are in touch with your basic goodness. You feel alive, connected, and engaged.


Transformative wellness includes all the basic principals of wellness but goes one step further. Now you learn tools and practices to build upon this sense of wellbeing and from there, engage in processes that ignite perpetual transformation. The word trans-form-ation means 'to go beyond your current form'. This means your body can become renewed, vibrant and more healthy. It means your mental and emotional states can become more fluid and dynamic. Rather than suffering as a result of thoughts and feelings, you learn how to be with these processes as an aspect of the brilliant fullness of life. Spiritually, you can discover and develop a deeper sense of meaning and potency in life as you learn to connect with incredible stores of passion, care and curiosity. 


Holistic practices that focus on wellness, place emphasis on the depth of health that exists within you. Instead of being seen as a broken thing that needs to be fixed, you are seen as a living process that is already whole. Transformative wellness builds upon your intrinsic health and vitality and uses it to enable you to perpetually transform, evolve, and awaken to the great mysteries of this life.

Through cultivating transformative wellness, your focus shifts from seeing mental, physical, and spiritual issues as problems to seeing all these challenges as possibilities for discovery and deepening a sense of meaning in life. You learn to connect with the part of you that is already well and use that as a means to heal, evolve, and awaken.

     Watch Alexander's TEDx talk entitled: 

How embracing pain creates a legacy of love

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