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Choosing your acupuncturist or coach is an important decision. There are many very qualified and skilled practitioners in the world, so how do you choose? The most important thing in choosing a practitioner is discovering if you feel resonant, aligned  and connected with their approach and presence. As much as a website or video can convey a practitioners' philosophy , there is nothing like direct human contact. That is why we offer a free 30 minute conversation  where you can have all your questions asked and more importantly get a feel for if we are the right fit for your needs. The best way to choose a practitioner is to talk with them and find out how it feels connecting with them.

See what others are saying about our work!

"As a coach you hope for a shift with your clients.  Working with Alexander not only did I experience profound shifts in awareness, our coaching opened shifts in core beliefs leading to a shift in being. It feels hyperbolic to say after coaching with Alexander you will never be the same.


Yet that is my experience. 


His gentle, truly "love" nature surrounds great depth of knowledge and wisdom. His ability to guide with deep security allowed me to be vulnerable to my own learning.  This allowed for profound opening and growth. 


Alexander is a masterful coach in the guise of a gentle soul. Don't be fooled - there is transformation awaiting." 


Patti Owen-DeLay

Professional Certified Coach

“Veronica Love's depth, insight, integrity, and professionalism have helped transform my greatest challenges into strengths. Our work helps me cultivate a more courageous heart and empowers me to find a more authentic presence in the world. Her approach encourages me to take responsibility in my life and not be a victim in the face of adversity. Veronica guides me to my own freedom through compassion and self-awareness. This deep work makes me feel that I am always moving forward and growing in my life. I am grateful to have the privilege of Veronica's insights in helping me find my path.”


Lucy Jones

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