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Givers CAN be Choosers

We believe that it is important to give to back to our community. As a transformative wellness center, we see human beings discover their vitality and spiritual depth on a daily basis. The question arises, what do we with the gift of transformation?  We believe that an integral part of cultivating transformative wellness is for the sake of benefiting our community and the world. Here is how you can join us in giving back.

How Givers CAN be Choosers works:

1. Bring to your session...

 Canned foods that only have:

  • Organic Ingredients

  • Ingredients you can pronounce

We will take all the food you bring to a local food bank.


2. Choose one way each week to take your healing, wellbeing, and transformation out into your community. Help someone. Doing something good. Shine your light.

Its as simple as that! Choose to give those in need good quality food to support better health and wellbeing. Take your gift of transformation and allow it to impact the world in positive ways everyday.

Share your care!

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