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  CranioSacral Therapy

Evolutionary CranioSacral Therapy (ECST), is a modality that is being developed by one of our practitioners, Alexander Love, over the past decade. ECST is a synthesis of many systems of healing including, Chinese medicine, Cranial Osteopathy, Core Synchronism, and Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy. This synthesis is held within an Integral and evolutionary context which means, it is a living breathing system that situates healing and you at the edge of an infinitely creative process.


Our entire organism is in a constant fluid state of motion. All motion is under the influence of what Osteopathy calls, the Primary Respiratory Mechanism. This mechanism forms the deepest layer of our subtle anatomy & physiology system. All other aspects of our anatomy & physiology including the 72 channels of classical acupuncture, organs, fluids, bones, etc., are supposed to rhythmically fluctuate in concert with the tidal motion of this Primary Respiratory Mechanism. 

In the presence of trauma or shocks that we do not have the resources to integrate, inertial fulcrums are created which cause healthy rhythmic flow within our organism to become arhythmic. Arhythmic motion is an embodied expression of parts of our body and  mind acting from a place of functional separation from the deeper animating forces of our lives. The result is that our body, including our subtle anatomy system, is stuck and unable to support the interior dimensions of our being effectively. This can lead to pain on all levels of body and mind.

An ECST practitioner, first draws upon the fundamental principals of Osteopathy and connects with the innate resources accessible within every human being. The first step is to always find the unbroken health within you. From there your subtle & physical anatomy is aligned with the Primary Respiratory Mechanism utilizing Osteopathic techniques passed on through the lineage of Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy. This allows your body to correct inertial fulcrums using a treatment plan that emerges from the wisdom of your own system.


ECST is very effective in working with many forms of physical, mental, and emotional pain. It is often used in conjunction with Shadow Work Facilitation to align the exterior anatomy while the interior dimensions of being worked with and healed. ECST is unique in that it allows the practitioner to directly work with the subtle anatomy related to all stages of human development. To our knowledge, no other system has discovered this dimension of subtle anatomy.


Often healing modalities either focus on interiors, such as some forms of psychotherapy, or exteriors, such as massage. While working on one often affects the other, our clinicians have found through almost two decades of experience, that working with both the interior and exterior directly, is far more effective.

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