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At eōs we draw upon multiple dimensions within the coaching field to bring you an array of tools to help you discover your potential, navigate life's twists and turns, and transform your suffering into spiritual depth and awakening. The styles of coaching we use assumes, from the get go, that you are fundamentally whole. This wholeness forms the foundation of how you will discover answers to your deepest questions and how you will heal the places of pain and suffering you experience. Our coaches work with seven different dimensions within the coaching field.


These are: 

  • Integral Coaching 

  • Ontological Coaching 

  • Business Development Coaching

  • Developmental Coaching 

  • The Lumina Process℠ 

  • Execuative Coaching 

  • Spiritual Direction

Reading the below descriptions are not necessary in order to work with us or to receive full benefit from our work together. The descriptions are here if you like knowing the details of the style our coaches draw upon in the sessions. 

Integral Coaching

Integral Coaching is a broad umbrella under which all the other coaching styles are included. Integral Coaching is a style of coaching that is based upon the contextual spaces illuminated by an Integral meta-theory. The basic premise is that life is in a constant process of evolution, and over the last 14 billion years, everything that has been discovered has some truth and validity to it. Most traditions of science, medicine, and coaching take one part of human

discovery, align with it, and push everything else away as false. Instead, an 

Integral perspectivetrancends and includes the many varied perspectives that have unfolded throughout history, and seeks to include the virtues of all of them.


Some distinctions illuminated by Integral Coaching are:


  • States of Being (Waking Up)

  • Stages of Development (Growing Up)

  • Shadow (Cleaning Up)

  • Constitutional Type

  • Multiple Lines of Intelligence

  • Objective, Subjective, Relational, & Systems Perspectives


Each one of these domains can be part of the coaching session, illuminate places to be cultivated with practices, and territories to heal & transform. Because your coach embraces the wisdom of multiple perspectives, you will not be boxed into one fixed coaching paradigm or goal. Instead you will be coached from a place that is open, creative, and fluid. Your coach will work within a framework that meets your needs and intentions. Furthermore, becaused Integral theory contains so many distinctions, you will have access to innumerable new possibilities.


Ontological Coaching 

Ontological coaching was spearheaded and developed by world-renowned facilitator-leader, Julio Olalla. His daughter, Veronica Olalla Love is the lineage holder for this tradition and the CEO for the US branch of the Newfield Network. The Newfield Network is an international coaching organization that teaches the Ontological coaching tradition.

Ontology is a fancy word that means 'the study of what is real'. Practically speaking it refers to how the 'real' world changes when our way of observing it changes. Furthermore, ontological coaching an exploration of who we are as an emergent process; as our observer changes, we become something new, both internally and physiologically. Ontological coaching supports you to 'look at how you look' at your self and the world. By expanding the way you see things, the fullness of the world expands too. Through this many more possibilities become available to you which enables you to transform your life's challenges and gain deep insight.

Finally, Ontological coaching, supports you to connect with your own passion, purposefulness and care. Rather than a coach telling you what to do, you discover tools that allow you to mine the treasure chest of your own wisdom and awaken to answers that come from within.

Business Development Coaching

One of our coaches, Alexander Love, has developed curriculum over the last decade that supports individuals who are building a coaching or therapeutic practice (such as acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy etc.) to learn the tools needed to build a thriving business. If you are just starting out or if you have been in practice a while and need to take your business to the next level, you will learn the step-by-step tools required to start and run a successful practice.


There are two ways to take advantage of business development to grow your business. The first is to simply start with Alexander one-on-one. The second is to take the online Business Development Course and receive 

coaching with Alexander while you go through that process (inquire about course discounts before purchasing). If you are just starting out, or have started your business with little training, the second option is recommended. It will be more detailed and cost effective for you in the long run. With both options, Alexander will explore with you the Five Pillars of Business.


These are:

  • An Integral Business Context 

  • Inner Pillars of a Healthy Business

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Money

Finally, for some people, the tools, skills, distinctions and practices are not the reason why their business isn't successful. The reason is due to internal patterns that prevent them from succeeding. In these cases, other forms of coaching are used such as Developmental Coaching and Shadow Work Facilitation to help you resolve the internal patterns that cause breakdowns in the realm of business.

Developmental Coaching

Developmental Coaching supports you through your journey of growing up through stages of ego development. These stages define a core element of how you view the world and how you interpret reality.  This style of coaching, introduced to our coaches by Terri O'Fallon & Kim Barta, allows the coach to discern your primary developmental range and give feedback about the contours of how you see yourself and the world. This includes supporting you to broaden and deepen the stage you currently inhabit or supporting you through the sometimes difficult and confusing transitions from one stage to the next.

Additionally, your coach will be able to assess the stage of development a particular struggle, shadow, or trauma comes from which enables you to use stages specific tools to address that issue. This makes dealing with traumas and other breakdowns very precise, allowing for gentle resolution for these issues in our lives.


For many, a developmental context helps us to better understand why we feel the way we do, why we have the struggles we have, and how to build effective tools to support our current developmental level and all the earlier stages that still live within us. 

The Lumina Process℠ 

Shadows are places within our psyche that we cannot see or do not yet understand. This can include positive or negative aspects of whoe we are. The negative shadows bleed into our waking life, affecting our relationships, behaviors, and feeling states. Often, much of our suffering boils down to unresolved shadow issues. The Lumina Process℠ is a coaching method developed by Alexander Love which supports you to identify these shadows and use tools to effectively resolve them.


While the notion of shadow work can seem scary to some, most often the processes is gentle, deeply enriching, and sometimes even fun! For others, it has even been described as a deeply spiritual experience. Keep in mind that many of our shadows have a relationship to early childhood symbols, and so shadow work often involves working with younger part of ourselves vs. some kind of scary darkness. At the same time, if you do have dark, scary shadows that you would like to work with, which can arise from intense traumas, our coaches are skilled to work with you in this arena as well. Overall, this work often connects us to an inner world that feels deeply sacred while at the same time facilitates true resolution for many of our inner forms of suffering.

Shadow work is also traditionally missing from religious and spiritual paths; a huge blind spot on the road to awakening. Introducing shadow work tools for those engaging in spiritual pursuits is a priceless and essential endeavor. It becomes an invaluable process to support spiritual practice because our process of awakening and spiritual developmental can become stunted or even halted altogether, by the presence of unresolved shadow issues. 

Executive Coaching

Veronica Olalla Love, is our executive coach. She draws upon years of experience as the CEO of Newfield Network US and the years of mentoring she has received from master organizational coach & president of the Institute for Generative Leadership, Bob Dunham. Veronica uses a unique Ontological approach that will enable you to discover the underlying breakdowns in your organization. These distinctions will allow you to refine and deepen your leadership skills and learn powerful tools to transform your organization and team into a culture that is vibrant and successful. 

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a form of coaching that works specifically with individuals who are pulled to continually deepen their relationship to the sacred. For some this is through a specific religion or spiritual path, for others it is through the 'pathless path' involving an integration of many traditions. Our coaches do not advocate a specific spiritual path or ideology. Rather, they meet you exactly where you are and support you to deepen a relationship to the sacred in a way that works for you. 

Spiritual Direction can be very supportive for spiritual seekers who outgrow their spiritual or religious community and the pain and confusion associated with that. It also supports you in working with the common pitfalls of meditation and the internal states (and shadows) that come with this territory. 

Furthermore, our coaches embrace an Integral framework for Spiritual Direction. This includes an embrace of waking up (common to most spiritual traditions), growing up (developmental stages), showing up (being present in our lives without using spirituality as an escape), and cleaning up (shadow work). Doing so allows you to enhance your existing spiritual practice and life to become more whole, transformative, and alive. 


Spiritual Direction includes support through the sometimes painful and confusing transitions to the later stages of development. Although people entering these later stages are becoming more common, it is still a very rare phenomenon. As such, there is often little community support when this happens which can lead to new forms of anxiety and depression, all stemming from newly emerging forms of developmental isolation. Our coaches can spot this and help you widen your context of understanding and discover tools to effectively deal with these unique and magnificent transitions.

For anyone who seeks a deepening of sacredness in their lives, Spiritual Direction is a non-dogmatic approach to living a fulfilling life of awakening and perpetual transformation.

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