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Alexander Love is an acupuncturist, life coach, and craniosacral therapist. With gentleness, lightness and depth, he invites us to listen to the voice of our inner wisdom & potency and allow that to move us outward into the world and make a difference.

The call to embark on this journey invites us to recognize that we matter beyond measure. Our individual voices, when allowed to speak from the depths of our intrinsic beauty, weave a complex melody of an emblazoned, sacred heart inscribed and aflame with the majestic mystery of life.

After a family tragedy in 1998, Alexander began a painful and illuminating journey of self-discovery. As a twenty year-old who had just lost his father due to violent human acts, he was forced to face some powerful questions.

Does life truly have meaning?

Is life worth living?

How do I bear the pain of life?

Over many years, Alexander began to discover answers to the these questions. Through a rigorous meditation practice and years of studying with masters in various fields, he began to reach into the essential nature of life. In doing this something potent and magnificent was revealed. He found something to give us hope, something that illuminates why we are here, why we matter, and the beautiful purpose behind our suffering and pain.

Alexander invites us to places where we feel alive, inspired, and become willing to hold the joys and the pains within the great heart of humanity—a place where compassion becomes the center of our existence.

He has worked with individuals and groups for over 14,000 life-altering hours. He has seen tremendous transformation occur with people just like you by applying all that he has learned through his own life struggles and his studies with some of the world’s greatest teachers in life coaching, medicine, including acupuncture and spirituality.

Alexander has a master’s degree in acupuncture from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. He has also trained as a coach at the prestigious coaching school, the Newfield Network in Boulder, Colorado.

He is a professor at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, Southwest Acupuncture College, and the Colorado School for Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is also the director, designer, and primary facilitator for the Newfield Network’s business development program for coaches, “The Heart, Soul, & Praxis of Business Development.” This program combines Integral theory and ancient wisdom with the practical knowledge needed to build and run a successful coaching practice.

Alexander is also the developer of Evolutionary CranioSacral Therapy (ECST), a system of medicine that is a confluence of Chinese medicine and osteopathic medicine viewed through an Integral context. ECST allows ancient wisdom to inform an evolutionary epistemology capable of meeting the diverse and complex challenges of our current era. Through the practice of this methodology, we are invited to step into new phenomenological territories, ignite healing potentials, and assist humanity in discovering its passionate, beating, blazing heart.

Alexander has an acupuncture and life coaching practice in Boulder, Colorado where he works with individuals and groups to support us to allow our pain and challenges to become pathways to wisdom and fulfillment.


At the core of all of Alexander’s work is his belief that the quality and health of our future depends upon our willingness to come together and deepen our bonds and capacity for human relating. Together we can learn to better face the complexities our humanity. If we can find the courage to embrace our experiences as individuals and as a greater collective, life can become something that perpetually transforms us. As we transform, so does the world, and together we can co-create a beautiful future.

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