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At eōs wellness center, we draw upon many acupuncture traditions to bring you a comprehensive approach to healing. Acupuncture has been know to be effective for a whole range of issues, from pain, to anxiety, to support with colds & flus, chronic illness, and much more. Essentially, acupuncture works with your body's energy system to help you build vitality, release toxins, heal illnesses, and vitalize your inner world. We use three different acupuncture traditions in our wellness clinic and combine them as one larger comprehensive approach to promoting transformative wellness.
These traditions are:
  • Five Element Acupuncture
  • Classical Acupuncture
  • Developmental Acupuncture

Reading the below descriptions are not necessary in order to work with us or to receive full benefit from our work together. The descriptions are here if you like knowing the details of the style our acupuncturists draw upon in the sessions. 

Five Element Acupuncture 

The Five Element acupuncture tradition we use was developed by Dr. J.R. Worsely. The central focus of this tradition is a wellness approach to healing. This means, your innate health, vibrancy, and virtue is at the heart of our focus. While we do want to understand the patterns of disharmony within you, those pattern are held within a context where your essential inner beauty is the anchor from which we explore the purpose for and reasons behind your physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles. 

Through different diagnostic techniques, we determine your 'constitutional type', which allows us to better understand the deeper health and passion beneath the patterns of disharmony. From there we can offer a wellness based approach to healing by accessing the innate health and virtue within you and support you to bring that to the places you struggle with. With this approach, your own vitality and deeper sense of passion, love, and aliveness, is called upon to help you heal.

Classical Acupuncture 

Chinese medicine is a complex system reaching back thousands of years. Thousands of people, over long spans of time, came up with varying theories and methods of healing. Together, we have a vast array of possibilities enabling us to work with all sorts of acute and chronic diseases, as well as, a wide spectrum of mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles. At eōs we have been deeply inspired by the teachings of 88th generation Taoist Priest, and acupuncture clinician, Jeffery Yuen. Most acupuncture traditions focus on 14 channels to support health and wellbeing. The classical methods we use, draw upon an earlier form of acupuncture that includes 72 channels plus an additional 8 channels that Alexander has discovered through research in energy medicine. These 80 channels open up many more possibilities for how to effectively support the resolution of illness and promote transformative wellness. 

Developmental Acupuncture 

Developmental acupuncture is currently being developed by one of our wellness clinicians, Alexander Love. This method bridges Terri O'Fallon's research on developmental stages with acupuncture. Human beings have both an interior and and exterior. Our interior includes things like our thoughts and feelings, our sense of self, and the perspectives we take in relationship to self, other, and the world. Our exterior includes things like our body physiology and other measurable factors that can be seen such as behavior, nervous system function, blood pressure, etc.


The interior and exterior co-arise which means as something happens within our interior, our exterior has physiological and behavioral changes that occur at the same time. Conversely, when something changes within the exterior physiology, the interior experience we have also changes. 

Acupuncture has an intimate understanding of the 80 + channels that comprise our complex subtle energy system. Like other forms of concrete physiology, the subtle energy physiology comprises a major part of our exterior. 

Developmental acupuncture is a method of treatment that serves to support your systems' subtle energy physiology as a compliment to the shadow work that you do in our sessions together. The needles chosen correlate to the stage of development you are wanting to stabilize or to the stages associated with the physiological shadows we are exploring together. This allows for a comprehensive approach to the internal and external dimensions of your being.

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